James Kirby's Home Page

My PhD Thesis

I did a PhD in applied and numerical mathematics; i.e. finite elements. The focus was on superconvergence and error estimation in fire-exposed frame problems. This page contains a summary of the thesis and a download of the whole thing. My Phd Thesis

Voronoi Diagrams And Delaunay Triangulation

The Delaunay triangulation algorithm is very useful for generating irregular triangular grids. This page illustrates how it works. NB This page loads 10.9 kilobytes of Java class files. Voronoi Diagram Demonstration


I love Dilbert. Here are some of my favourites. Dilbert

Curriculum Vitae

This is my CV in tabular form. James Kirby's CV. If you would prefer a plain version then this will will load into Wordpad. James Kirby's CV For Wordpad